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Posted on April 26, 2011



Smosh is a youtube Comedy Duo, Anthony Padilla, and Ian Hecox. Anthony Started making videos in 2003 on the website Newgrounds, and afterwards was joined by Ian Hecox.  In autumn of 2005 they started making youtube videos and soon became the most subscribed channel on youtube.

Some familiar famous youtube videos, are there parody of the Pokemon Theme song which was taken off because of copy rights and the smosh series Food Battles currently from 2003-2010.

Currently They have three channels which include:


IanH –

AskCharlie –

If you want to check out the Pokemon videos and the food battles check out the links below.

 Pokemon Theme Song –

 Pokemon Revenge Theme Song –

Food Battles:

2006 –

2007 –

2008 –

2009 –

2010 –

Food battles 2011 has not been made yet.

Other Videos I reccomend Checking out!


If Video Games Were Real:

Pokemon In Real Life: 




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